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    Real Estate Photography

    Real estate photography is all about showcasing your property in the best possible way, using photographs that aren’t “overcooked”, or made to look fake, especially in skies and windows. It is very important to capture the photograph correctly, rather than spend excessive time “fixing it in post”. We find that special angle to shoot your property and do basic retouching, colour correction, exposure blending and minor refinements to show off your property’s best features.

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    Food and Product Photography

    Food and Product Photography is all about positioning, lighting and editing the final photograph. Xigrafix Media and Design use high end digital equipment and the latest editing software to produce quality images that promote your product. From shoes, jewellery and clothing for catalogues and websites to food photography for restaurant menus and posters, your product will be made to look its best.

    Send us your products (except perishables) or we can shoot at your location.

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Photographic images are a powerful communication tool. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is no less true in today’s image driven world of print, the internet and social media, than of the days when film was king.

Xigrafix Media and Design can help you communicate your message through no fuss, creative photography in real estate, commercial, product, promotional and general photography.

Using high end digital equipment and up to date editing software, your images will be shown in their best light!

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